How They Made More Than ₹ 300 Crores through Social Media

Today we’re going to talk about how these 4 Guys turned their life around just using social media and how they made 300 crores using just this.

Now, let’s talk about who these guys are, No They do not have anything special that made them different from us. They just were able to use all the resources around them like social media

(Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) and made millions of dollars.

And you can also do what they did and what they’re doing different to earn this much money, You just need to know how



1. Gary Vaynerchuk – Net Worth ₹ 345 Crores

He is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 4 locations.

All Because of social media But HOW?. When you go in depth it is not that hard to understand. Gary Vaynerchuk a.k.a (Garyvee) founded his first social media marketing agency

Where he targeted all of the big clients in his city or county and made them rich and they in the process made him rich. He sells his services online on social to business owners and these services were to get them, customers.

He’s learning how the way we think has more to do with our success than the social media strategy or business plan we may be trying to execute on.









2. Tai Lopez – Net Worth ₹ 418 Crores

Tai Lopez – You might have seen him on social media where he wants to just give you money, Lol that is just his marketing strategy for your attention

What he does is he sells courses on how to run a social media business like he’s running. His latest billion dollar business was MentorBox –

With his partner Alex and you won’t believe these guys broke the internet this idea mentor box.

According to Alex and Tai, They have sent over 500 Million dollars on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

You must be thing how is this possible but this is all true. And you believe they made more than 1 Billion in revenue

You can cross check all the details on google.

Tai Lopez also sells his services to business owners to boost their sales and sells his other services





3.  Grant Cardone – Net Worth ₹ 2000 Crores

Yeah you heard us right 2000 crores

Grant Cardone is the founder and CEO of Cardone Enterprises. His primary venture is Cardone Training Technologies that help companies grow sales by customizing their sales processes to be more effective.

He also owns and operates Cardone University, Cardone Acquisitions, Cardone Capital and Grant Cardone TV Network

Now he is also a social media marketing expert. He is the owner of Cardone Training Technologies you must have guessed he teaches something about technologies, Yes! and that is social media marketing and how to earn from it.

He has appeared with Tai Lopez talking about his success and told everyone in one interview that social media is the key and it’s right in front of you





4. Russell Brunson Net Worth – ₹ 2400 Crores

Russell Brunson is a god when it comes to social media marketing strategies. Whenever a multi-million brand needs a social media boost to boom their sales they go to Russell Brunson.

He is the author of many books that made him the man he is today. He is the CEO of click funnel and it is used all over the world by people just like him who wants to expand their market and need some leads.

People pay him 10,000 $ to 100,000 $ per ad and guess what he runs that ad on social media for his clients and make them rich






So here we are with all this information about social media and how these people are earning from it, but now what ?

You can use this information to do something for yourself,

This is all possible with Digital Marketing

It is so simple yet the most complex thing to do. Follow one of these mentors and start your dream business today and earn from free platforms:



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